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Ralph Stanton “My father taught me the construction trade as soon as I could lift a hammer.  So when I walked into a Color Tile store and was asked if I could lay a floor for a customer, it seemed a natural fit.”

--Tile Artisan, Ralph Stanton

Ralph Stanton began installing tile in San Antonio, TX in 1981. Five years later, he had built a tile company using the skills learned from his father, combined with his natural artistic talent.  In 1986, his father-in-law became ill, and Ralph moved his family and business to Louisville, KY. His pride in workmanship combined with his honesty and integrity quickly built his reputation in Louisville as the leading artisan in the ceramic and stone industry.

Stanton Tile was incorporated in 1996. By then Ralph’s ceramic and stone designs had attracted the attention of top designers and builders in the Louisville area. In November 2001, Ralph acquired a waterjet machine to cut the more intricate designs that could not be cut by hand. That purchase grew into a subsidiary of Stanton Tile, Inc., called Streamline Technologies.

Stanton Tile, Inc. specializes in custom installations including: ceramic, slate, marble, granite, porcelain, travertine, and other natural stone tiles and slabs. Examples of Ralph's work can be found in fine homes throughout the Kentuckian area, in historical renovations such as Hermitage Farm and the Bingham Estate, on dinner cruise ships including the Star of Louisville and Kansas City's America, in commercial buildings, churches, fire departments, and schools, including Barnes and Nobel Booksellers, St. Michael’s Eastern Orthodox Church, North Oldham Fire Department, and University of Louisville's University Club, just to name a few. 

Stanton Tile has a long track record of successes. That is because Ralph gives total attention to each customer. His design skills and committment to detail are unmatched in the trade, so each client's expectations become reality.

Today the industry is evolving through the use of new and innovative products designed to meet today's building needs. Stanton Tile, Inc. is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge by using the latest products and techniques. Whether the job is a simple ceramic floor or an intricate marble medallion, superior workmanship is the hallmark of Stanton Tile.