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Give your room the feel of a Tuscan villa or create a Moroccan retreat with exotic tile materials.

With our expertise and unlimited product options, anything is possible.

At Stanton Tile, we go way beyond laying out ceramic or porcelain tile in a diamond pattern (although we can do that too). Custom tile design means that we can install unusual tile material in unconventional applications. Stanton Tile has the imagination and expertise to tile pools, patios, furniture, floors, walls, columns...any area you can think of, indoors and out.

We match styles, materials and appropriate installation technique to give you a space that is exotic, unique, elegant...personal.  Are you an interior designer or architectural firm? By consulting with Stanton Tile, you have an experienced ally who is able set your designs apart and give your project that buzz-worthy quality that will help take your reputation to the next level. Whether your project is commericial or residential, if you need custom tile application, trust the the true tile artisan at Stanton Tile, Inc.  

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