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Update tired vinyl or formica by replacing it with beautiful, durable granite.

This igneous rock formed by volcanic action can truly spark a stunning response. Granite tile floors can provide you with a beautiful modern look that will last for years. Granite tiles come in a huge array of styles and colors, usually flecked with materials like quartz and mica that give each type a unique character. This heavy duty material can stand up to high traffic but be sure to use a textured finish in any areas that might get wet (indoors or out), so you do not slip. Properly installed, these floors will last forever. The classic, natural style of granite means they will never go out of date.

One of the best uses of granite tile is to update countertops. Using granite tile rather than solid granite slabs cuts the expense of updating your countertops drastically. Tinted grout can create a seamless effect. Both the tile and the grout should be properly sealed. To maintain granite, you use a pH-neutral stone cleaner with a damp cloth or mop.

If your project includes granite tile or slabs, consult Stanton Tile and leverage their expertise to choose materials. Count on Stanton Tile craftsmanship to make sure that your project stands the test of time.

Create a jeweled look with a custom-cut diamond instead of basic clipped corners. Or, go all out with a custom design like the Koi fish below.


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Koi Fish Design - Private Residence, Louisville KY