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Kitchen Backsplash – Stylish, Beautiful with Tile

Create a subtle design accent or a dynamic focal point.

The choices for a kitchen backsplash can seem overwhelming, and they are truly limited only by your imagination. Whether you want to implement a complicated mosaic design or add a gorgeous warm natural stone tile accent, we're ready to serve. Materials can be mixed for a dramatic effect. Ceramic and porcelain tile make stunning backsplashes, but there are a wide variety of other options such as tumbled marble, metal tiles, and recycled glass tiles, to name a few. If you are installing heavy stone tiles on the walls, then you must be sure that the surface you are working with can carry the load.

Generally, backsplashes use stone, ceramics and porcelains, or glass. These can be used singly or in combinations. Natural stone feels very luxurious and can be surprisingly affordable, but will require a bit of maintenance and proper sealing. Ceramics and porcelains come in a variety of bright colors as well as the more traditional neutral tones, and they can be more affordable than stone. Glass tile can be subtle and transparent or translucent or it can come in bright colors. It is best used to make small spaces seem larger and more open.

Trust Stanton Tile with your kitchen backsplash project to ensure the job is done quickly and without hassle. Our experience and expertise will make your kitchen a showpiece.


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