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Marble tile gives any room instant luxury.

Traditionally, marble has a polished or shiny finish, but also it can be honed (matte), chiseled, or tumbled. The distressed and antiqued finish of tumbled marble is very popular for its old-world look. Marble can come in various sizes, colors, and matching slabs.

When selecting marble, it is important to make sure that each tile comes from the same batch. Because marble is so unique and has beautiful patterns within it naturally, it also can be a challenge to match from tile to tile. Different marbles require different setting materials and techniques. For example, all green and some black marble must be installed with an epoxy. White and other light-colored marble should be installed with a white latex-fortified thinset so as to not change the surface appearance. Different marbles have different densities. Some marbles are very porous and should not be installed outdoors. For the best results, you should have marble tile professionally installed. By working with a professional craftsman, you can ensure that the right techniques for your project are implemented.

To maintain marble, it must be cleaned and sealed regularly. Marble can be cleaned with a mild detergent or specially designed marble cleaning solution. Spills should be attended to quickly as the surface of marble can be stained and etched. Sealers will help prevent staining. Some sealers last longer than others and some will need to be reapplied. 

If you have a project that includes marble tile, Stanton Tile, Inc. is ready to advise and install your marble with care and solid craftsmanship.


Tumbled marble with border design

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