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Why not add a custom inlay in tile or natural stone for your home or business?  

Choose from beautiful, precision watercut design or a hand cut medallion. Each is a piece of art that will add beauty and value to your home or business. Use one of our designs or send us a drawing of your own creation. Whether you want a border, accent, or a custom medallion, Stanton Tile, Inc. can meet your needs.


What is the difference between mosaic, tile medallions and stone medallions?

Small stones, tiles or glass pieces assembled together with the grout lines between are mosaics. While we can do mosaics, we would generally do a smaller mosaic as an accent to be installed in a larger room, on the wall or floor, or on a piece of furniture.

When you cut standard off-the-shelf ceramic, porcelain or travertine tiles with waterjet, you can assemble them as a medallion. Medallions are beautiful, intricate patterns typically used as the focal point in a foyer or other floor area.  They can depict logos, insignias, abstract patterns, or artistic scenes. Those medallions can be shipped as set of labeled precut tiles to be assembled on-site. If medallions are shipped, the installer has to assemble, grout and seal the tiles.

Stone medallions are made from natural stone materials instead of tiles and assembling them, fitting as tightly as possible on a mesh or aluminum backer, without grout. The stones are then polished and sealed. There are no gaps between the pieces. Medallions up to 60" can be made as a single piece. You don't have to worry about cleaning the grout between the pieces or matching grouts in color. The availability of computerized waterjet allows to cut stone to incredibly close tolerances.  Most stone floor medallions designs range in size from from 24" to 72". However we can make stone medallions larger if needed, or into an intermediate size. These medallions can be assembled and shipped, or installed on-site by us.


If you do not want to install a medallion or a custom accent but want to add flair to a wall or floor, you could add a specialty inlaid tile border.
Borders can mimic exotic carpets when used on the floor, or add interest to a wall or hallway when used on a wall. If you keep the tiles plain and use interesting or unusual materials like copper tile, then you can add texture in a subtle way that has impact without dominating a room.


The examples of our work represent only a small sample of infinite color combinations available with stone, tile, marble and other materials. Ralph Stanton is an artisan who will select the right materials for your design goals. A true professional, Ralph is experienced in working with builders, tile showrooms and interior design or architectural firms to meet their specifications. Remember, these materials can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are updating a kitchen or reworking an outdoor patio, we can help you make it truly reflect your individual style.  

For an original custom specialty inlay design, start by sending us your floor plan.  Contact us to get started.