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Specialty tile and stone trims and borders can add a distinctive touch to your room. Louisville tile craftsman Ralph Stanton can show you how.

Decorative tile borders are at home in any room, commercial or residential. Classic or modern, simple or ornate, used independently or with design elements like medallions, these borders may be placed at floor, ceiling, eye, or counter level. This elegant design choice delivers a powerful first impression. Whether you want to give your house a Southwestern flair or want to introduce a natural element to a commercial space with stones and pebbles, the options are endless.  Borders can frame an entranceway floor. They can decorate steps - adding a tile border design will add punch to your interior or exterior stairway. Borders are also frequently used in backsplashes. By repeating patterns thoughout a space you can unify the design of the building, while adding a personal touch that reflects your tastes.

Stanton Tile is able to advise you, discussing your aesthetic goals and delivering workable options that are within your budget. With a master craftsman who can perform unique and specialty applications, your design choices will be greatly enhanced. Whether you are a savvy homeowner, an architect or a designer, we're ready to serve you.

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