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Waterjet. Purity in Cutting Precision

Waterjet cutting is an accurate and efficient method of cutting most materials.

An environmentally-friendly form of cutting, waterjet gets the job done without heat, mechanical stress, gaseous fumes, dust, or oils. A stream of water mixed with a small amount of abrasive is pumped through a gauged orifice at 55,000 psi of pressure, three times the speed of sound. This concentrated stream can cut cleanly through ceramic, marble, granite, porcelain, glass, vinyl, foam, plastics, composites, all metals and alloys, including stainless steel and titanium, to a maximum thickness of 5 inches. The self-aligning cutting head is moved along the X-Y axis by a CNC control system which intreprets the cutting sequence. The result is a perfect cut in any material of any shape or dimension!

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